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sailing in a Bristol Channel Cutter or camping in an RV

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Adventures In Thunderer Yellowstone In The Back Ground

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Our Travel / lifestyle invites you along. Embark on a virtual journey with us as we sail through the turquoise waters of the Caribbean. Adventures we share and tales of our favorite destinations, hidden gems, and encounters with marine life. From breathtaking sunsets to vibrant coral reefs, our photography captures the essence of these idyllic locations.
We also venture on to land for travel in our RV.  to Yellowstone Nation Park for work.


love of Dogs & Cats

Jack and Billy, are an integral part of our lifestyle sailing adventures. Jack, the miniature poodle, has gained quite a following on Instagram as @jackthesailingdog. With his charming personality and love for the sea, he has become an internet sensation. Billy, our 10-month-old Yorkie, is a recent addition to our crew, bringing joy, excitement and a whole new set of challenges to our daily lives.  We forgot what having a puppy on board was like. Were remembering fast the chewing and games of catch me if you can.  A terrier is a whole different ball game of dogs.

Jack Jumping Off Of Dingy
Coffee Mugs Of Life Gallery

Mug Gallery

You’ll find collections of mug and coffee cups adorned with beautiful wildflowers as shown here, birds, and other images from the park. And of course, my love for dogs and sailing the tropics also shines through in some of the designs.
So, take a moment to browse through my Coffee Mug of Life Gallery.

Livin With Dogs

“Original and with an innate understanding

of the sea,

Nature and Dogs.”

About Us

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We are Gary And Deborah Felton
Our Lifestyle is kind if Unique or different. Take A Professional Photographer And His Wife Both Retired From Destination Wedding planning in the Caribbean.
Throw In Two Cute Dogs And A 28 FT Sailboat.
A Bristol Channel Cutter and a Roadtrek RV.

Both Of Us Have A Wealth Of Experience In The Creative Industry. Sailing, RVing and of course dogs.
 Along With Opportunity To Find Solace And Inspiration In The Beauty Of The Caribbean and the Majesty of the Rocky Mountains.

Introduce Ourselves And Lifestyle Deb And Gary Felton Taken At Magens Bay Beach