Leave Your Dog Home Alone?

Billy a year old at this time and had to leave him at home while we worked.

Leave Your Dog Home Alone? Dogs gotta love ‘em. Would like to be with them 24/7. Having to leave your dog at home is a real problem. Work gets in the way and life dictates that in order to buy human and dog food besides providing a place to live we must work. For most… Continue reading Leave Your Dog Home Alone?

Senior Dogs Tips

Never wanted to happen but Jack has turned 9 and on his way to a senior dog.

 Senior Dogs: Essential Care  and Tips for Aging Canine Companions Senior dogs require more regular Vet Visits: Monitoring Senior Dogs Organ Functions and Behavior Changes Senior Dogs require regular visits to the veterinarian. This is crucial for Dogs older than seven years of age. These visits not only help check on blood work and organ… Continue reading Senior Dogs Tips

5 Affordable Exercise Ideas for Dogs

Jack is happy with a ball at any time but tug of war is his favorite activity

Exercise Ideas for Dogs Fun Exercise Ideas for Dogs When You Can’t Go for a Walk Exercise Ideas for Dogs when it’s not possible to take your dog for a walk or let them run freely due to various reasons like being on the road, traveling, or inclement weather. Finding alternative ways to exercise your… Continue reading 5 Affordable Exercise Ideas for Dogs