Dogs Eat oatmeal? 1 Important fact to know

Mix oatmeal for a dogs meal with proteins or give as a treat with fruit

Dogs Eat oatmeal? Yep here’s the Scoop on if Dogs can eat Oatmeal Introduction: As a responsible dog parent, you’re always on the lookout for wholesome and nutritious food options for your furry companion. what about Oatmeal? Can Dogs Eat Oatmeal a popular breakfast staple for humans, can also be a great addition to your… Continue reading Dogs Eat oatmeal? 1 Important fact to know

Leave Your Dog Home Alone?

Billy a year old at this time and had to leave him at home while we worked.

Leave Your Dog Home Alone? Dogs gotta love ‘em. Would like to be with them 24/7. Having to leave your dog at home is a real problem. Work gets in the way and life dictates that in order to buy human and dog food besides providing a place to live we must work. For most… Continue reading Leave Your Dog Home Alone?

Best Dog Food

we rotate the food of both these guys. Raw, home made, kibble

Dog Food Best dog food ensuring a Balanced Canine Diet Maintaining a healthy diet for your furry friend is essential to their overall well-being. One effective approach to ensuring best food for dogs Is a well-rounded diet is by rotating dog food between different types.  This strategy involves gradually introducing new foods into their diet… Continue reading Best Dog Food

Senior Dogs Tips

Never wanted to happen but Jack has turned 9 and on his way to a senior dog.

 Senior Dogs: Essential Care  and Tips for Aging Canine Companions Senior dogs require more regular Vet Visits: Monitoring Senior Dogs Organ Functions and Behavior Changes Senior Dogs require regular visits to the veterinarian. This is crucial for Dogs older than seven years of age. These visits not only help check on blood work and organ… Continue reading Senior Dogs Tips

Why Is My Dog a Picky Eater?

Jack taking a hike among the pine trees in Montana

Healthy Eating Habits Tips to Encourage Healthy Eating Habits for a picky eater. Is your dog a picky eater? Having a picky eater in the family can be frustrating especially  when your furry friend turns up their nose at food. But fear not, there are ways to tackle this issue and ensure your pup is… Continue reading Why Is My Dog a Picky Eater?

Discover Alternative Veterinary Medicine for Dogs 

Alternative Veterinary Medicine for Dogs we use manly forms to keep our pup healthy.

Understanding the difference between a Holistic veterinarian and a Regular veterinarian, as well as the concept of Veterinary Homeopathy,. Alternative Veterinary Medicine for Dogs. Who would have thought that within the span of just one week, I would be pleasantly surprised when not one, but two of my dear friends shared with me their imminent… Continue reading Discover Alternative Veterinary Medicine for Dogs 

The Power of Dog Supplements

Jack the poodle and Billy the Yorkie both take dog supplements

The Power of Dog Supplements   The Power of dog Supplements for us as pet owners. We always strive to provide the best care for our furry family. One way to ensure their overall well-being is by incorporating supplements into their daily routine. In this blog post, we will discuss our favorite pet supplement, Zesty… Continue reading The Power of Dog Supplements

Puppy’s first day a home

Getting Billy as a cute puppy use to different environments

“Puppy’s First Day Necessities”! A new puppy check list to help you dive into the world of bringing home a puppy. Welcome to my blog, about your Puppy’s First Day Necessities. And a big warm welcome to all the new puppy parents out there! Today, I want to talk about something near and dear to… Continue reading Puppy’s first day a home

Dog First Aid Kit

Jack taking a break from riding in the RV and checking out the BearTooth Mountains.

Deb Here! Creating a Dog First Aid Kit was one of the first things Gary and I did when we started full time cruising and traveling. The second thing was create First Aid Kit for our selves.  Our goal was to create a kit for us and for the dogs at each of our locations.… Continue reading Dog First Aid Kit

At What Age Should You Spay or Neutering a dog?

Billy a Yorkie at 10 months Neutering a dog is never an easy decision.

Vets can’t agree on Neutering age Why can’t Vets agree on age of Neutering a dog? Four considerations about When To Neuter: When Should a Puppy Undergo the Procedure? Weighing the Benefits and Risks of Early Neutering a dog versus Waiting Vets can’t agree on age of Neutering a dog, the surgical procedure to remove… Continue reading At What Age Should You Spay or Neutering a dog?