Puppy’s first day a home

Getting Billy as a cute puppy use to different environments

“Puppy’s First Day Necessities”! A new puppy check list to help you dive into the world of bringing home a puppy. Welcome to my blog, about your Puppy’s First Day Necessities. And a big warm welcome to all the new puppy parents out there! Today, I want to talk about something near and dear to… Continue reading Puppy’s first day a home

5 Affordable Exercise Ideas for Dogs

Jack is happy with a ball at any time but tug of war is his favorite activity

Exercise Ideas for Dogs Fun Exercise Ideas for Dogs When You Can’t Go for a Walk Exercise Ideas for Dogs when it’s not possible to take your dog for a walk or let them run freely due to various reasons like being on the road, traveling, or inclement weather. Finding alternative ways to exercise your… Continue reading 5 Affordable Exercise Ideas for Dogs

6 reasons to do Crate Training

Luckily Jack was trained to be in a crate if needed.

Crate training is a popular method that many dog owners use to help their puppies behave well and feel comfortable in their surroundings. Although some people may have concerns about using a crate, when done correctly, crate training can have many advantages for both the puppy and the owner. Let’s explore some of the benefits… Continue reading 6 reasons to do Crate Training

4 Positive Dog Training with Treats?

Jack the Sailing Dog

Dog training is an essential part of responsible pet ownership, and using treats as a training tool has become a popular method among dog owners. While treats can be effective in motivating and rewarding dogs during training sessions, it’s important to understand the pros and cons associated with this approach. In this blog post, we… Continue reading 4 Positive Dog Training with Treats?