Puppy’s first day a home

Getting Billy as a cute puppy use to different environments

“Puppy’s First Day Necessities”! A new puppy check list to help you dive into the world of bringing home a puppy. Welcome to my blog, about your Puppy’s First Day Necessities. And a big warm welcome to all the new puppy parents out there! Today, I want to talk about something near and dear to… Continue reading Puppy’s first day a home

3 Easy Eco-Friendly Dog Products

Jack on our home SV Angelsea. We live in the Carribean.

Eco-Friendly Dog Products Through Sustainable Choices for a Greener Canine Lifestyle Today I want to discuss eco-friendly and going green. For the past 12 years we have been living on a sailboat in the Caribbean.  We try to leave as small of a carbon footprint as possible. Before I forget: This website may be compensated… Continue reading 3 Easy Eco-Friendly Dog Products