Heartwarming Travels with Jack

Welcome to our blog about our travels with our two 4 legged loves and companions!

Our Travels with Jack and Billy are an integral part of our lives, and we love to share our experiences with them.
We are Gary and Deb Felton, a retired couple who have a passion for exploring the world with our dogs. We primarily live on a sailboat, but we also travel across the United States in an RV.

Deb has been raised in a family of dog lovers and has extensive knowledge of training, dog health, grooming, and traveling with dogs. Her family has raised standard poodles for years, including participating in AKC Dog Shows and winning with AKC American Champion Std Poodles,  she has been training dogs for years both professionally and our own pups. She will be incorporating her expertise in our blog to help other dog owners who love to travel with their pets.

Jack and Billy will joining in their shenanigan’s and love to keep us laughing. 

Jack And Billy Under Our Awning On The Boat
Travels With Jack
We Keep Jack And Billy Cool By Swimming And Having An Awning On Our Sailboat

Travels with Jack and now Billy

We believe that traveling with dogs is not only possible but also enjoyable. Our furry boys bring joy and excitement to our travels, and we love to see them explore new places with us. To view some of our destinations view the Gary’s photography Gayfelton.com  .

We also understand that traveling with dogs can be challenging, but with the right preparation and knowledge, it can be a rewarding experience.

As we blog , we will share our adventures, tips, and tricks for travels with Jack and Billy.
We will cover topics such as pet-friendly destinations, dog-friendly activities, pet health, grooming ,dog food and much more. We hope that our blog will inspire other dog owners to travel with their pets and create unforgettable memories.




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