Discover what Hurricane Season on a Sailboat is like

Sailboat Angelsea
Our Home at full sail here. Sailboat Angelsea

Hurricane Season on a Sailboat

Living the Dream on a Sailboat

Ahoy, friends! Living on a sailboat can be the stuff dreams are made of. Think about the with the wind in your hair and endless horizons to explore. But, as sailors, we know that sometimes the dream can take an unexpected turn, especially getting Through Hurricane Season on a sailboat. That is the cost of living on a sailboat in the Caribbean.
When a hurricane is lurking in the vicinity, that dream can quickly turn into a challenging reality. This is the situation we find ourselves in, anchored in Salinas, Puerto Rico, where severe weather, including hurricane season and tropical storms, is not uncommon during the summer months.

The crew consisted of Gary the Captain, myself the Admiral and two first mates Jack and Billy.  You can get a glimpse of our life style here.

dogs on sailboat
Jack and Billy first mates on Sailboat Angelsea


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 Our Salinas Puerto Rico Haven

Currently, we find ourselves in the beautiful Salinas, Puerto Rico, a place we’ve grown to love. We’re even considering making this our home port for the winter months. One of the benefits of living on a sailboat.  However, summer here can be a bit intense, with its share of hurricanes and tropical storms. Fate, it seems, has kept us here this summer.
Despite the unexpected circumstances, we have come to appreciate the beauty and resilience of Puerto Rico, especially its magnificent mangrove areas. Mangroves are unique ecosystems found along coastal areas, characterized by dense forests of salt-tolerant trees and shrubs. These mangrove forests serve as a natural barrier, protecting the coastline from erosion and providing a habitat for a diverse range of marine life especially during Hurricane Season.

 Now, you might be wondering, what’s so special about mangroves?

These amazing trees have adapted to the challenging conditions of this zone, with their complex root systems that provide shelter and a safe haven for various marine life. They also serve as a buffer, protecting coastal areas from erosion and, in our case, the full force of a hurricane. They also provide a location where we can hide out from the storms and or hurricane’s. Our favorite place while living during hurricane Season on a sailboat

Hurricane Season on a sailboat, Preparing for the Storm

Navigating the narrow channels of these mangrove areas, we found the perfect spot to secure our 28-foot full keel sailboat. These channels are just wide enough for us to squeeze into, and we’ve anchored off both the bow and stern, ensuring a sturdy hold. It’s our best bet for riding out the storm safely this time and for future storms til the end of hurricane Season .

Hurricane Lee weather chart
Hurricane Season on a sailboat with Lee lurking out there some place

Preparing for a hurricane on a sailboat requires careful planning and provisioning.  We have stocked up on ample supplies of food, water, and fuel to sustain us during the storm. Additionally, bug spray is a must-have item, as the mangrove areas can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other insects.

Our sailboat is our fortress, and we’re prepared for whatever Mother Nature throws our way.

 Riding Out the Squalls all through Hurricane Season.

Living on a sailboat during a hurricane requires constant monitoring of weather updates. While staying in communication with other boaters in the area. We rely on our weather radio and local authorities for the latest information and guidance.

Marine radio
Our Marine Radio used for close contact communications. Coast Guard and neighboring boats.

Travel, dogs, sailing, food & Fun

Safety is our top priority, and we are prepared to take necessary precautions or evacuate if the situation worsens.

We use this satellite phone. We also take it with us while hiking in Yellowstone National Park.

satellite phone for hurricane season on a sailboat
Satellite phone always works even when cell or Radio towers are destroyed.

Travel, dogs, sailing, food & Fun

The plan is to stay in the mangrove area for the next few days, even if the hurricane does not directly hit us. Proximity to the storm means we may experience feeder bands, which are bands of clouds and thunderstorms that spiral out from the hurricane’s center. These feeder bands can bring strong squalls, gusty winds, and heavy rain, making it essential to remain cautious and prepared.

Always in contact with  The National Hurricane Center.

We are grateful for the protection offered by the mangroves. In addition to the opportunity to experience the strength of these coastal ecosystems firsthand. As we ride out the storm, we remain hopeful for calmer seas and clear skies ahead. WE are ready to continue our sailing adventures once the hurricane has passed.

An adventure in itself, and navigating through a Hurricane Season on a sailboat is undoubtedly an adrenaline rush. But it’s also a reminder of the power of nature and the importance of being prepared. So, here we are, S.V. Angelsea, ready to face whatever challenges the open sea and the elements throw our way, together with our trusty sailboat. Stay tuned for more updates from our life on the waves!

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