Mother And Calf Manatee

Fun Manatees, dogs and 1 day in life of a cruiser

Manatees and dogs a day in the life of a cruiser.

A day in the life of a cruiser with Manatees and dogs is a truly enchanting experience.

As the sun peeks over the horizon at 6:30 am, we eagerly rise from our slumber and make our way to the deck to turn off the anchor lights. The gentle sway of our sailboat greets us, but something catches our eye – our dingy is positioned at an odd angle. Curiosity piqued, we investigate further, only to discover a magnificent visitor from the sea. A playful manatee has taken a liking to our dingy, engaging in a delightful dance of affection. He just upgraded this life of a cruiser.

Manatee In Salinas Pr
Manatee As Large As Our Dingy In Salinas Puerto Rico.


Salinas Puerto Rico. Manatee And Our Dingy. Love At First Sight! Gotta Love Manatees And Dogs.
Salinas Puerto Rico. Manatee And Our Dingy. Love At First Sight! Gotta Love Manatees And Dogs.

We find ourselves anchored in the picturesque bay of Salinas in Puerto Rico, a place known for its vulnerability to hurricanes. It is the heart of hurricane season, a fact that we are acutely aware of. Such as it is as a life of a cruiser.  However, today is not a day for worry, but rather a day for embracing the beauty that surrounds us. With a steaming cup of coffee in hand, we settle into the comfort of our cockpit, savoring the tranquility of the moment.

Soon, it is time to venture ashore for our semi-weekly shopping expedition.

In the midst of hurricane season, we understand the importance of being well-prepared, should we need to seek refuge in the protective embrace of the mangroves. But that tale is for another time, another blog   Find that blog here.
Leaving our boat behind, we embark on our trusty dingy minus the manatee and make our way to the marina, where we skillfully dock it. From there, we embark on a leisurely 1.5-mile walk to the grocery store. Salinas greets us with its modernity and cleanliness, a stark contrast to some of the smaller islands we have explored. Puerto Rico, a land of contradictions, offers both the bustling metropolis of San Juan and the remote charm of its smaller villages. The locals, ever friendly and understanding, graciously forgive our fumbling attempts at their native Spanish language.
We set out early, mindful of the scorching heat that awaits us but also the number of steps needed to keep us agile and healthy. With temperatures soaring to around 90 degrees, accompanied by stifling humidity we move slow. Our walk becomes a journey through a vibrant tapestry of street vendors and lush mangrove swamps.
If interested in our dogs diet view some info here
 Just Another Day In The Life Of A Sailboat Cruiser.
Walking On Our Way To Get Provisions Is Very Common And Just Another Day In The Life
Our shopping excursion inevitably leads us to the local taco makers franchise, where we indulge in the flavors of the island. With our provisions secured, we make the trek back to the marina, our bags filled with the promise of delicious meals to come.

Back on board ready to see more manatees

Once back on our sailboat, we unload the groceries and carefully stow them away, ensuring that everything is in its rightful place. A day in the life of a cruiser living on a small boat you find out fast that everything has a place. Everything needs to be in that place or else a state of utter chaos exists.  We still sometimes have Chaos, it comes and goes.
living on a boat has its advantages and its time to jump into the water to enjoy the sea and cool off.  We try looking for our friendly manatee by snorkeling around the boat but he’s gone.
This time the dogs joined in, jumping from the dingy to catch a ball they love this part of a day in the life of a cruiser and living on our living on a boat.
Jack And His Mom Snorkeling The Wonders Of It All In A Day In The Life Of A Cruiser.
Jack Hitching A Ride On His Mom. While Snorkeling Off Of Sailboat Angelsea

Relaxing is key to life of a cruiser here (For me anyhow)

Back on board, rinsed and dried off. With our tasks complete, we retreat to the sanctuary of our cockpit, where a cold beer awaits us. As we sip on this refreshing elixir, we can’t help but marvel at the extraordinary life we have chosen, one filled with the company of dogs, the grace of manatees, and the endless wonders of the sea.
Also besides the wonders of it all, the solar panels keep out beer cold. Ahhh life of a cruiser can be pretty good.
Its not our normal way to spend the summer. Usually we are working in Yellowstone National Park for the season. Living in our RV, but that too is a different story and blog.
So stay tuned.
Watch as we move through the tropic via our Gallery of images.

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